Aftershock Rattles Gladstone, New Jersey Weeks After Larger Earthquake

Gladstone, New Jersey – A 2.6-magnitude aftershock rattled nerves in Gladstone, New Jersey on Wednesday morning, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS). The tremor struck around 7:01 AM, the latest in a series of aftershocks following a larger earthquake earlier in April.

Gladstone resident Barbara Howard described the experience, stating, “As soon as I feel it’s going to be an aftershock, the adrenaline shoots through me.”

This aftershock comes just weeks after a 4.8-magnitude earthquake startled millions in the New York City area in early April. The epicenter was located near Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, about 45 miles west of New York City. Experts say aftershocks are common for days or even weeks after a larger earthquake.

James Bourke, a fellow at Rutgers University’s Earth and Planetary Sciences Department, is studying the aftershocks by deploying dozens of earthquake detection devices in the area. These devices may provide valuable insights into the fault line and surrounding areas.

The recent earthquake activity is a concern due to the high arsenic levels found in the Piedmont region. Earthquakes can disrupt these levels, potentially contaminating drinking water.

The 4.8-magnitude earthquake in April was the largest recorded in the Tri-State area since 1973.

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