Amazon Gives Managers Authority to Terminate Employees Who Won’t Come to Office 3 Days a Week

Amazon has recently updated its policy regarding employees returning to the office, granting managers the authority to terminate individuals who refuse to come in three days a week.

According to a report from Insider, the company now allows managers to effectively fire employees who fail to comply with the company’s three-times-a-week, return-to-office mandate.”

Under the new policy, Amazon employees are obligated to be present in the office for three days each week. Those unable to meet this requirement must formally request an exemption from their manager.

The policy, which is communicated through an internal intranet, provides guidance to managers on how to handle employees who do not adhere to the three-day office attendance rule.

Noncompliance does not automatically result in termination. Initially, managers are expected to have a private conversation with non-compliant employees and follow up with a documented email. If noncompliance persists or if an employee resists returning to the office, a second meeting within one to two weeks becomes necessary.

This meeting serves to reiterate the job’s requirement of physical office presence for a minimum of three days per week. Additionally, it serves as a warning that prolonged noncompliance without a valid reason may lead to disciplinary action, including termination.

If an employee does not promptly and consistently attend the office after the initial conversation, managers should conduct a follow-up discussion within a reasonable timeframe (approximately one to two weeks, depending on the employee’s circumstances). During this conversation, managers will 1) reinforce the requirement of returning to the office three or more days a week, and 2) explain that continued noncompliance without a legitimate reason may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment, as stated in the guidelines.

In the final step, Amazon involves Human Resources representatives who have the authority to issue written warnings or take other serious actions for non-adherence to the policy. Prolonged noncompliance may ultimately lead to termination, highlighting Amazon’s urgency in reinstating a traditional office work environment after an extended period of remote work.

Initially, Amazon corporate employees were instructed to return to the office for a minimum of three days per week starting in May. In July, remote-based workers were advised to relocate near office hubs or accept a voluntary resignation package. In September, Amazon implemented a significant change in attendance tracking by sharing individual records with employees, moving away from their previous policy of anonymized data.


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