Assam Set to Enter Semiconductor Industry with Rs 25,000 Crore Plant: Union Minister Announces Milestone at Digital India Summit

Guwahati, February 15, 2024- In a groundbreaking announcement at the inaugural Digital India futureSKILLS Summit, Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar announced Assam’s forthcoming entry into the semiconductor industry. The state is poised to establish its inaugural semiconductor packaging plant, projected at nearly Rs 25,000 Crore. The minister lauded the leadership of Chief Minister Hemanta Biswa Sarma for spearheading this venture, set to be a collaboration between the Assam Government and the TATA Group.

Chandrasekhar’s address at the Birinchi Kumar Baruah Auditorium, Gauhati University, underscored the transformative impact of India’s economic progression under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s stewardship. India, once labeled among the ‘fragile 5’ economies, now ranks among the world’s ‘top 5,’ opening abundant avenues for young Indians, especially in burgeoning sectors like AI, cybersecurity, and semiconductors.

With initiatives like futureSKILLS, Chandrasekhar articulated India’s trajectory toward global tech leadership. He outlined a three-pronged strategy—futureDESIGN, futureLABS, and futureSKILLS—aimed at nurturing talent across diverse sectors, from design innovation to emerging technologies like semiconductors and AI.

The summit, hosted by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) through the National Institute of Electronics and IT (NIELIT), brought together luminaries from academia, industry, and policymaking spheres to deliberate on catalyzing future-ready talent.

Key stakeholders echoed Chandrasekhar’s optimism, emphasizing India’s burgeoning opportunities in tech domains. Shri. Ganesh Gopalan, CEO of Gnani.AI, highlighted India’s potential as a hub for AI ventures, citing a projected 100 million job surge globally in the AI sector.

The event also witnessed strategic collaborations between NIELIT and industry giants like Intel, HCL, and Microsoft. These partnerships aim to bridge the gap between academic curricula and industry requirements, ensuring a skilled workforce aligned with contemporary demands.

Moreover, panel discussions delved into pivotal themes such as Semicon India, IndiaAI, Cybersecurity & Emerging Technologies, and Digital India’s Talent for the Global Workforce, underscoring the summit’s multifaceted approach to skill development and industry integration.

The summit’s significance extends beyond Assam, signifying India’s collective endeavor to harness digital skills for national progress and global competitiveness. As Dr. Y. Jayanta Singh, Executive Director of NIELIT Guwahati, remarked in his concluding address, the event symbolizes a concerted effort to empower the youth and propel India’s digital prowess onto the global stage.

Inaugurating exhibitions showcasing future skills and fostering collaborations, Minister Chandrasekhar reiterated the government’s commitment to nurturing a vibrant ecosystem conducive to innovation and skill development. The summit’s legacy lies not only in its landmark announcements but also in its catalytic role in shaping India’s digital future.

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