BHU Administration Reverses Decision on Boundary Wall, Students’ Protest Yields Results

  • Following a student’s molestation incident at IIT BHU, a protest by IITians prompted the decision to construct a wall within the campus. Subsequently, BHU students have been expressing their discontent through protests and burning effigies. However, during a meeting attended by the BHU Vice Chancellor and IIT Director, it was unanimously agreed that addressing the security issues at IIT-BHU cannot be solely resolved by building a boundary wall.

Varanasi, Nov 05: No walls will be built in the IIT BHU campus. Instead, security arrangements will be strengthened in both BHU and IIT campuses. The decision to take this action was made during a meeting led by Prof. Sudhir Jain, the Vice Chancellor of BHU, and Prof. PK Jain, the Director of IIT BHU, on Sunday.

The meeting lasted for over three hours and focused on enhancing security and maintaining a peaceful and safe campus.

The decision to build a wall in the IIT BHU campus was made after a student was molested, which led to protests by IITians.

However, during the meeting, it was unanimously agreed that a wall would not solve the security problems and that it was not logical to divide the premises. Both institutions reaffirmed their commitment to ensuring the safety of students across the campus.

The BHU administration appealed to students to follow all rules and protocols.

To address security and safety concerns, a joint committee of faculty members from both institutions has been formed.

This committee will coordinate and suggest steps to create a safe environment for students in the BHU campus.

The committee will report directly to the heads of both institutions, with Prof. Royna Singh from BHU serving as the chairperson and Prof. Rajesh Kumar Upadhyay from IIT-BHU as the co-chairman.

Other members of the committee include Prof. Lalit Mohan Aggarwal from IMS-BHU and Prof. RK Singh from the Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT-BHU.

Several decisions were made in the meeting, including expediting CCTV surveillance in both campuses with the help of Varanasi Smart City Limited.

Lighting arrangements on campus routes will also be improved within the next two days.

Security barriers and check posts will be strengthened, and strict monitoring will be implemented at all seven gates of the campus from 10 pm to 5 am to prevent the entry of anti-social elements.

Both IIT BHU and BHU have women’s grievance redressal cells, and efforts will be made to strengthen these cells and encourage greater student participation.

The provisions of GSCASH (Gender sensitisation committee against sexual harassment) will be reviewed within seven days to suggest improvements for the Women’s Grievance Redressal Cell.

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