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China Intensifies Military Drills Around Taiwan, Testing “Seize Power” Capabilities

China’s military is conducting large-scale exercises for the second day in a row, encircling Taiwan in a show of force. The drills, the biggest in over a year, are seen as a test of China’s ability to “seize power” over the island nation.

Tensions Rise with New Taiwanese President

These exercises come just days after the inauguration of Taiwan’s new president, Lai Ching-te, who openly advocates for Taiwan’s sovereignty. Beijing considers Lai a “separatist” and strongly condemned his inauguration speech, which called for an end to Chinese intimidation.

PLA Drills Target “Taiwan Independence Forces”

The drills involve China’s army, navy, air force, and rocket force. They focus on joint operations like seizing control of key areas and conducting combined attacks. Notably, the drills also involve China’s Coast Guard operating near Taiwan’s outlying islands for the first time.

Taiwan Responds, Condemns Provocations

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry has condemned the drills as “irrational provocations” and deployed its own forces in response. They detected numerous Chinese aircraft and warships operating near the island.

Domestic Politics and Public Opinion in Taiwan

Despite the show of force, life continues as usual in Taiwan. Many residents express confidence in their ability to defend themselves and are not easily intimidated. However, Lai faces a politically turbulent first week, with opposition parties pushing for closer ties with China.

China’s Strategic Goals: Blockade and Pressure

Analysts believe China’s exercises serve multiple purposes. They aim to:

  • Practice blockading Taiwan: This strategy would cripple Taiwan’s export-oriented economy, reliant on imports.
  • Squeeze Taiwan’s activity space: Drills near strategic islands limit Taiwan’s military options.
  • Send a political message: China hopes to pressure the new Taiwanese administration and weaken it from within.

Concerns and Long-Term Implications

While not seen as an imminent invasion threat, these drills blur the lines between peace and war. China’s repeated exercises could become a pretext for future military action. Additionally, constant pressure might exacerbate political divisions within Taiwan.

The US Role and the Future of Cross-Strait Relations

The US maintains an informal relationship with Taiwan and is obligated to supply them with defensive weapons. The international community will be closely watching how this situation unfolds and its impact on regional stability.

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