Deakin University Opens First International Campus in India

Gandhinagar, Jan 11, 2024: Deakin University, which is ranked among the top 1% of universities worldwide, has recently inaugurated its campus in India. This is a significant milestone as it is India’s first-ever international branch campus. The establishment of this campus highlights the strong collaboration between the Indian and Australian governments and Deakin University, and it aligns with the goals of the National Education Policy 2020.

Meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prior to the campus inauguration, the delegation from Deakin University, including Chancellor John Stanhope AM, Vice-Chancellor Professor Iain Martin, and Vice-President Ravneet Pawha, met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. They discussed enhancing collaboration in the field of cyber security, Deakin’s three-decade presence in India, and the upcoming campus inauguration. This meeting was a significant moment for Deakin University.

A Landmark Moment in Australia-India Relations

The establishment of Australia’s first foreign university campus in India is a historic event that strengthens the ties between the two countries. Australian High Commissioner to India, His Excellency Philip Green OAM, expressed that this marks the beginning of a new chapter in education ties between Australia and India.

Access to World-Class Education

Deakin’s GIFT City Campus in India offers local students the opportunity to pursue postgraduate courses in business analytics and cyber security at a more affordable cost compared to studying in Australia. The campus aims to provide a world-class education that prepares students for success in the digital age.

Commitment to Educational Equity

Deakin University is committed to giving back to the community and supporting economically challenged students. As part of this commitment, two fully funded scholarships will be awarded to deserving students. This initiative reflects Deakin’s dedication to fostering educational equity and nurturing local talent.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

The campus is equipped with modern digital classrooms, libraries, and cyber security labs to ensure an exceptional educational experience. It is digitally integrated with Deakin’s Australian campuses, providing students with comprehensive access to essential learning resources.

Preparing Students for the Future

Deakin University recognizes the evolving workforce requirements in India’s emerging technology sectors. The India campus will expand its academic portfolio to equip students for global market leadership and contribute to India’s growing digital workforce.

Startup Incubator and Entrepreneurship

In addition to academic programs, the campus will serve as a startup incubator, supporting entrepreneurial talent and innovation. It will offer specialized short courses and extensive support to elevate the regional startup landscape.

Global Learning Experiences

Deakin University aims to create a regional hub in GIFT City, attracting students from around the world to India. It also offers Australian students a unique opportunity to spend a trimester in Gujarat. This cross-cultural education between Australia and India opens doors to untapped global learning experiences.

Industry Engagements and Partnerships

Following the campus launch, Deakin University initiated industry engagements through the Deakin University x IABCA Leadership Roundtable. This event brought together prominent figures from the Indian and Australian governments and industries to discuss building sustainable futures across the Australia-India corridor. It sets the stage for strategic dialogues and partnerships for shared progress.

Opportunities for Students

The opportunity to study at Deakin’s GIFT City Campus has generated significant interest among potential students. The internationally accredited programs and unique internship opportunities within GIFT City’s industry network attract students to this campus.

Application Details

Applications for Deakin GIFT City Campus close on March 31, 2024, with classes scheduled to commence in July 2024. Interested individuals can register for updates on the official Deakin University website.

About Deakin University

Deakin University, established in 1974, is known for its excellence in teaching, research, and industry partnerships. It has been operating in South Asia since 1994, engaging with the government, industry, and academia to promote education and research.

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