Delhi Police’s Witty Tweet Goes Viral After India’s Victory Over Pakistan in T20 World Cup

Amidst the jubilation of Indian cricket fans following India’s victory over arch-rivals Pakistan in the ongoing T20 World Cup at New York’s Nassau County International cricket stadium, the Delhi Police seized the moment to share a humorous post on social media platform X, which quickly went viral.

Taking a playful jab at the New York Police Department (NYPD), the Delhi Police tweeted, “Hey, @NYPDnews We heard two loud noises. One is ‘Indiaaa..India!’, and another is probably of broken televisions. Can you please confirm?” This witty remark elicited widespread laughter and appreciation from netizens across social media platforms.

In a matter of moments, the tweet garnered thousands of likes, shares, and comments, with users applauding the Delhi Police for their wit and adept use of social media to engage with the public. The match itself, played in front of a packed stadium, delivered thrilling performances and nail-biting moments that held viewers captivated until the very end.

Responding to the Delhi Police’s tweet, X user Dhruv Sharma humorously suggested, “Hey, @DelhiPolice. You should ask the same question to the Pak army as well. Heard some India-India sounds from the other side as well and numerous broken TV sets.” Another user echoed the sentiment, praising the Delhi Police’s humorous approach and affirming, “You are on a roll… Hats off. Delhi police Rocks & Pakistani Shocks.”

The India-Pakistan cricket rivalry, renowned as one of the most fervent in the sporting world, continues to captivate audiences globally. This match was no exception, drawing viewers from all corners of the world and exemplifying the passion and spirit of cricket.

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