Delhi University VC Inaugurates 8-Storey Building in North Campus

New Delhi, Oct 24. Delhi University Vice-Chancellor Professor Yogesh Singh on Tuesday inaugurated an eight-story building called Pragyan Bhawan in the North Campus.

This new building aims to address the issue of limited space in the university.

The building covers an area of 4600 square meters and consists of 17 rooms, including nine classrooms and eight tutorial rooms.

During the inauguration, Vice-Chancellor Yogesh Singh emphasized the importance of having both qualified teachers and proper infrastructure for education.

He acknowledged the lack of building facilities in certain areas and highlighted that the construction of Pragyan Bhawan will not only provide more seating arrangements for students but also offer modern-level infrastructure.

The building will have a maximum height of 36.8 meters, and the estimated construction time is 24 months. To ensure convenience, the building will be equipped with two lifts.

Additionally, provisions will be made for a VRV centralized air conditioning system, UPS system, solar panel system, and gas-based fire suppression system.

Overall, the inauguration of Pragyan Bhawan marks a significant step in expanding the university’s facilities and providing better resources for students.

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