Fitterfly Launches JEDi: A Revolutionary AI Solution for Diabetes in India

Mumbai, Jan 3, 2024: Fitterfly has just launched an amazing new AI tool called JEDi that’s going to help people with diabetes in India. Let me break it down for you.

The Diabetes Epidemic in India

India is facing a big problem with diabetes. Right now, there are over 101 million people living with diabetes, and in the next 5 years, over 130 million more people are at a very high risk of developing it. That’s a lot of people! Even though healthcare has improved, this diabetes epidemic is like a ticking time bomb that could affect India’s future.

The Need for Digital Solutions

There are some gaps in the healthcare system when it comes to diabetes care. That’s where digital solutions come in. These solutions use a combination of technology and human help to try and solve the problem. But we need something more. We need a solution that can work for a lot of people, is super smart, and can be easily accessed by everyone.

Introducing JEDi

And that’s where JEDi comes in! JEDi is an AI chatbot developed by the smart people at Fitterfly. It’s like having a personal coach that can help you with your nutrition, fitness, and overall well-being. JEDi follows a 28-day plan that’s designed like a game. It looks at your answers, health data, and preferences to give you personalized advice and encouragement to make healthier choices.

How JEDi Works

JEDi is a really cool mix of technology and smarts. It uses something called NLP (Natural Language Processing) and big language models to understand what you’re saying. It’s connected to a big database of knowledge that powers the advice it gives you. And here’s the fun part – JEDi has its own personality! It’s designed to be caring and helpful, like a partner in your well-being.

How to Use JEDi

If you want to try out JEDi, you can use the Fitterfly Metabolic Health app. It’s available for download now. And guess what? Companies can also use JEDi to help their employees stay healthy. JEDi can be a part of wellness programs and even be offered by insurance companies as an extra service.

Fitterfly and the Future

Fitterfly is a company that focuses on helping people with metabolic health conditions like diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. They’ve been doing some amazing research and have won a bunch of awards for their work. They believe that using AI, like JEDi, can make a big difference in helping people live healthier lives.

So, there you have it! JEDi is here to help fight the diabetes epidemic in India. With its smart technology and caring personality, it’s like having a personal coach right in your pocket. Let’s hope that JEDi and other digital solutions can make a big impact and help improve the health of people in India.

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