Gauri Khan & iDAC: Let’s #CreateTheChange

Mumbai, Jan 11, 2024: iDAC, which is the leading exhibition for Changemakers of the Build Industry, has chosen Gauri Khan as its Brand Ambassador.

What is iDAC?

Before we dive into the details, let’s talk about iDAC. It’s an event that brings together people from the building industry in India. They want to help India become a $5 trillion economy, and they believe that education and dialogue are the keys to making it happen. This year, iDAC is going to be even bigger and better with the participation of global thinkers and pioneers.

Gauri Khan: A Pioneer

Now, let’s talk about Gauri Khan. She is an amazing person who is representing iDAC as its face of change. She is a designer, an author, a producer, and an entrepreneur. She has made a name for herself in different industries and is considered a visionary.

A Perfect Match

Gauri Khan and iDAC are both well-known in their fields. They have a unique approach to their work and are dedicated to making a difference. That’s why they make a perfect match! Together, they want to shape the future and create positive change.

Gauri Khan’s Thoughts

Gauri Khan is really excited about this association with iDAC. She invites all the designers, architects, consultants, and industry leaders to join iDAC and be a part of this knowledge-sharing forum. Together, they can shape the future and #CreateTheChange.

iDAC Welcomes Gauri Khan

Dhaval Thakur, the Managing Partner of iDAC, is thrilled to have Gauri Khan as part of the iDAC family. He believes that Gauri is a changemaker and her work is inspiring. This association is a sign that great things are coming for iDAC and the bright minds in the industry.

Excitement from Siddharth Saraf

Siddharth Saraf, another Managing Partner of iDAC, is also excited about this association. He thinks that Gauri Khan is a role model in the build industry and her journey as an individual and entrepreneur is truly inspiring. This partnership will help iDAC reach more people and foster a strong community.

About iDAC

iDAC was created by Nova Exhibitions & Conferences in 2018. It’s a platform that brings together professionals from the construction, architecture, and design industries. They have a huge community of over 22,000 industry professionals, and their events attract more than 25,000 visitors each time. This year, iDAC will be held in Mumbai from 7th to 9th March and in Hyderabad from 12th to 14th December.

Gauri and iDAC are joining forces to make a positive change in the build industry. They want to inspire and educate people, and they need your help too. Let’s all come together and #CreateTheChange!

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