Gautam Buddha University spread over 512 acres of land is out of the reach of common people?

Dr. V K Singh
(Member of International Press Council)
Western Uttar Pradesh/Gautam Buddha Nagar:
I am confused as what to write and, what to not,? I am also in dilemma whether I appreciate the Indian foreign Policy and diplomacy which got the world followed its iron or comments on indian costly education and health system.

In present scenario, I am forced to comment on current health and education system on which only rich have the rights just because of it is too expensive to beyond the reach of common man.

Nowadays it is being said that under the leadership of Modi, India is moving from a developing country to a developed country and people are also thinking that we are on the path of becoming Vishwa Guru, but this is not possible until the fourth pillar of our democracy, media, which has the boon of immortality, does not perform its real duty.

It is the media that has the right and power to bring a big revolution of change, because media has been a witness to many revolutionary changes in history. But unfortunately it has bowed its head at the feet of power. You talk about a developed country, I think it is nothing but a dream. This is only because the criteria of a developed country is that every citizen of the country should be highly educated which is not possible in India. This is just so that every child of India should be healthy, every man of this country should be financially independent but the middle class of this country is dying due to lack of knowledge of how to fulfill their moral responsibility in the interest of their family and society.

The BSP ruled Uttar Pradesh government built Gautam Buddha University on 512 acres of land at a cost of 1000 crores but it is not able to run successfully due to lack of professors and other officials. Despite this, the professors who teach the students are not getting their salaries on time, which is provided in the passing act. Gautam Buddha University which is located in Greater Noida, Gautam Buddha Nagar Uttar Pradesh, was established by the BSP ruled government and the salaries and other allowances of its professors and other employees were declared by the state government by passing an act. The university is spread over 512 acres of land but its fees are beyond the reach of common people, as the government is unable to pay the salaries of its professors and other employees.

Reliable sources revealed that its professors and other officials are appointed as per government rules and their salaries and other allowances are also allotted as per the provision in the Act, but the joint responsibility of paying the salaries of its professors and other officials lies with Noida and Greater Noida Development Authorities, but, both the authorities are running away from its responsibility.
On talking to the professors and other officials of the university, it was revealed that despite having grand university buildings and campus, its professors and other officials do not get salaries, which is why the university is running with insufficient professors and students are being charged more than the normal fees, so that the salaries of professors and other officials can be paid.

Being a journalist, as I have found in my analysis, developed countries are developed only because they spend 6 percent of their annual budget on education and, more than 6 percent in health care while in India the governments try to take their profit from the laborers and farmers, whose contribution to the development of the country cannot be described in words.

Development of society and nation is not possible only by building grand university buildings, unless education reaches the last person. The development of any nation is not possible unless every child who will be the future of that country and every youth present in the present is educated and healthy. The development of any nation is not possible unless every old person who will witness the rise of that nation is educated and healthy.

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