Google Restructures Teams Ahead of Developer Conference, Python Team Impacted

Google confirmed recent staff reductions across several teams, including Python, as part of a larger company restructuring effort. This news comes ahead of the tech giant’s annual developer conference in May.

While some reports suggested the entire Python team was fired, Google clarified that the team was replaced with a new group based in Munich. This move has sparked online discussions about cost-cutting measures and the treatment of employees.

A Google spokesperson emphasized the company’s focus on “investing in its biggest priorities” and improving efficiency. They pointed to streamlining structures and aligning resources with key product areas.

However, impacted employees shared their experiences on social media, highlighting the human cost of these decisions. A product manager lamented the loss of “good folks” and “great projects.” Another employee described the emotional toll of learning about layoffs alongside colleagues.

Google has pledged to support affected workers by offering search assistance for new positions, outplacement services, and severance packages, according to TechCrunch.

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