IIIT Hyderabad Launches Industry-Sponsored Part-Time Master’s in Research

The International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad (IIIT-H) has announced a new part-time Master of Science (MS) by Research program designed for working professionals. This industry-sponsored initiative aims to equip participants with advanced research skills and empower them to drive technological innovation.

Key Features:

  • Focus on Research: The program centers around a substantial thesis project jointly guided by a company representative and IIIT-H faculty.
  • Minimal Coursework: Participants take a limited number of courses alongside the thesis, ensuring a strong foundation for their research.
  • Flexible Structure: The program offers a self-paced structure to accommodate busy work schedules. Professionals can choose individual courses each semester and complete them over three years while working on their thesis.
  • Industry Collaboration: Companies can participate in bulk registrations, select research areas and advisors, and even co-create projects with IIIT-H to address specific needs.

Eligibility and Benefits:

  • Applicants must hold a science or engineering degree with at least one year of experience in the tech industry.
  • Participants can choose courses offered alongside full-time students, gaining valuable exposure and mentorship.
  • The program empowers professionals to upskill in emerging technologies and gain a master’s-level understanding of research.


“In today’s world, those with deep expertise in technology hold a significant advantage,” said Prof. PJ Narayanan, Director of IIIT-H. “This program facilitates Hyderabad’s IT professionals to acquire such expertise through a thesis-driven approach. This unique industry-academia collaboration benefits companies by leveraging IIIT-H’s research strengths, while allowing professionals to gain a master’s-level research experience alongside our full-time students.”

How to Apply:

Applications for the first batch starting in August 2024 are now open. More details and application information can be found at [link to MS by Research program webpage,].

About IIIT Hyderabad:

Established in 1998, IIIT-H is a premier research university focusing on Information Technology (IT) and its applications across various domains. Their research areas include visual information technologies, human sciences, language technologies, data engineering, and more.


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