IIT Bombay Clarifies Job Prospects Amidst Reports of Unplaced Graduates

Mumbai, India: The Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay) has released data from a recent graduate survey to clarify job prospects for its students following reports indicating a significant number of unplaced graduates in the 2023-24 placement season.

While a recent Hindustan Times report highlighted that approximately 712 students remain without job offers, IIT Bombay’s survey results contradict this narrative. According to the institute, only 6.1% of graduates are actively seeking employment, indicating that a substantial portion of the student body has already secured jobs or chosen alternative career paths.

IIT Bombay Placement Data:

  • 57.1%: Secured jobs through IIT Bombay’s placement process.
  • 12.2%: Opting to pursue higher education.
  • 8.3%: Choosing careers in public service.
  • 10.9%: Secured jobs outside of the institute’s placement process.
  • 1.6%: Venturing into startup ventures.
  • 4.3%: Undecided about their career paths.

Economic Challenges Impact Placement Drive:

IIT Bombay acknowledges the ongoing economic challenges impacting the placement season. An institute official, quoted in the Hindustan Times, confirmed difficulties attracting companies due to the global economic slowdown. Companies reportedly challenged pre-determined salary packages, leading to extended negotiations before participation. Notably, even the coveted Computer Science and Engineering branch witnessed unplaced students for the first time.

Placement Process Still Ongoing:

The placement process at IIT Bombay remains ongoing and is expected to conclude in May 2024. This year saw a rise in the number of unplaced students (35.8%) compared to the previous year (32.8%). Additionally, a higher number of domestic companies participated in the drive compared to international firms, marking a shift from past trends.

Clarification on Crore-Plus Salary Offers:

The institute also addressed a previous discrepancy regarding crore-plus salary offers. An earlier report incorrectly stated 85 students received such packages, while the actual number is confirmed to be 22.

IIT Bombay’s data provides a more comprehensive picture of student career outcomes beyond just placement figures. Despite economic headwinds, the institute continues to facilitate diverse career paths for its graduating students.

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