Imran Khan’s Journey in Overcoming Mental Health Challenges, says ‘Daughter Became My Anchor, My North Star’

Mumbai, Oct 23. Imran Khan, the actor who took a break from showbiz a few years ago, is now reconnecting with his fans through social media. He has been sharing stories from his film sets, keeping movie enthusiasts eagerly waiting for his comeback. Recently, he attended the Indian Film Project and spoke to the audience.

During the event, Imran was asked about his struggles with mental health. He admitted that he has faced difficulties in going out and being in public for many years. He reassured the audience that they are not alone in their struggles and thanked them for their support. Imran shared that he finds it challenging to be in crowded places or even go to a restaurant without emotional preparation. He emphasized the importance of having an anchor, a goal, or a North Star to guide oneself towards healing and wellness.

Imran credited his daughter Imaara for being his anchor and guiding light. He realized that in order to be a good father and provide love and support to his child, he needed to be strong and healthy himself. He acknowledged that if he was unwell or not present, he couldn’t be the best father he wanted to be. Imran Khan encouraged others to find their own anchor, whether it’s internal or external, and make it their priority. He shared that he personally attends therapy and analysis sessions four days a week since 2017, emphasizing the commitment to self-healing.

In a recent post, Imran Khan also opened up about being body-shamed in his younger days for not having a muscular physique. He revealed that during his battle with depression and lack of exercise, he became skinnier, which led to media speculation about his well-being and drug abuse. He expressed feeling ashamed and retreated from public view.

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