India vs SA: Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli’s Funny DRS Discussion Goes Viral

Jan 6, 2024: In the second Test match between India and South Africa, something really funny happened during a discussion about the Decision Review System (DRS). The Indian cricket team had one wicket left and three reviews remaining. Even though they knew it was unlikely to change the outcome of the game, they decided to use one of their reviews. Let’s find out what happened!

The Appeal

During the match, Mohammed Siraj hit South Africa’s Nandre Burger high on the right leg. The Indian team appealed for a wicket, but the umpire didn’t agree. However, since India had three DRS calls left, Rohit Sharma thought about using one of them. He talked to his teammates, including Virat Kohli, about whether they should go for the review or not.

Rohit Sharma’s Decision

Rohit Sharma said, “I think I should take the review (followed by a series of slangs), we still have three remaining.” He felt that even though the chances of the umpire changing his decision were slim, it was worth a try. Virat Kohli agreed and said, “Yeah, take it. There could’ve been an inside edge.”

The Internet Reacts

People on social media found the discussion between Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli very funny. They couldn’t stop laughing and shared their amusement online.

The Outcome

In the end, India decided not to take the review. South Africa’s innings ended with a total of 176 runs. Aiden Markram was their top-scoring player with a century. India had to chase a target of 79 runs, and they completed it in just 12 overs. This meant that the series ended in a draw with both teams winning one match each.

Rohit Sharma’s Thoughts

Rohit Sharma said, “It was a great feat. In the previous Test match, we made some mistakes, but we learned from them. Our bowlers did a fantastic job, even though the conditions were tough for the batters. We had some plans, and the boys executed them well. We batted really well to get a 100-run lead, but it was disappointing to lose the last six wickets. We knew it was going to be a short game, so every run mattered. Getting the first innings lead was crucial for us.”

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