Indian Doctor in Bahrain Fired Over Anti-Palestine Post

An Indian internal medicine specialist, aged 50, has been fired from his job in Bahrain due to an anti-Palestine post, according to his employer in the Gulf country.

The Royal Bahrain Hospital released a statement on Friday, stating that Dr. Sunil Rao’s post, which he had now deleted, violated the hospital’s code of conduct.

“It has come to our attention that Dr. Sunil Rao, who works as a Specialist in Internal Medicine, has posted offensive tweets on social media that go against our society,” the hospital statement said.

The hospital clarified that Dr. Rao’s tweets and beliefs are personal and do not represent the opinion and values of the hospital.

The hospital has taken legal action and terminated his employment immediately.

Similar cases of employment termination have been reported in the Gulf region, mostly due to Islamophobic statements made on social media.

Dr. Rao’s comments came shortly after a major conflict broke out in the Middle East following an attack on Israel by Hamas militants based in Gaza.

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