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Indian-Origin Man in Singapore Jailed for Forcing Debtor to Strip

Singapore, February 10, 2024: In a distressing case, a 47-year-old Indian-origin man in Singapore was sentenced to five months in jail on Friday for coercing another man to strip and perform various exercises due to an unpaid debt of about SGD6,000.

Nadeson Pillai Sockalingam Pillai, alongside his friends Jay Shawn Fernandez and Jude Prabu Davias Pathy, faced charges of criminal intimidation. The trio confronted the victim at a bar in Woodlands after he failed to repay an inflated debt, purportedly escalated from SGD400 to SGD6,000.

Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Andre Chong revealed that the victim was physically assaulted by the trio at the bar, with Nadeson even striking the victim’s cheek with a bangle. Subsequently, they compelled the victim to a warehouse, where he was coerced into stripping naked and performing exercises, all while being filmed by Jay.

Despite threats of online humiliation, the victim courageously reported the incident to the police. While Jay and Jude were arrested earlier, Nadeson remained at large until January 24, when he was apprehended.

During the trial, DPP Chong emphasized the severity of the trio’s actions, citing their readiness to resort to violence and the victim’s heightened fear due to prior assault. He condemned their decision to film the victim, exacerbating his humiliation.

In his defense, Nadeson cited intoxication during the incident and questioned the extent of the victim’s injuries. Expressing discontent over his imprisonment while the victim remained free, he claimed the victim had misused his friend’s money at a bar.

Despite Nadeson’s mitigating factors, the court sentenced him to five months in jail, backdated to his arrest. For criminal intimidation, he faced a maximum penalty of two years’ imprisonment or a fine, or both.

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