India’s Rise: Underperformance to Powerhouse?

Expert Sees India Emerging as Global Player, Despite Past Stumbles

A prominent political scientist, Ian Bremmer, believes India is poised for significant growth on the world stage. In an exclusive interview with NDTV Profit, Bremmer – founder of the Eurasia Group – acknowledged India’s past economic underperformance despite its “incredible demographic weight” and “very strong intellectual capital.”

From Underperformance to Economic Powerhouse?

Bremmer acknowledges past limitations but predicts a brighter future. He projects India to become the world’s fourth-largest economy by 2023 and the third-largest by 2028. This economic ascent is fueled by India’s growing manufacturing prowess.

Manufacturing Boom: From Cell Phone Importer to Giant

India’s transformation from a major cell phone importer to the world’s second-largest manufacturer exemplifies its economic shift. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself highlighted this achievement, stating that one out of every seven iPhones is now made in India.

Beyond Phones: Diamonds and Defense

The Indian story extends beyond smartphones. PM Modi pointed to India’s role in the diamond industry, with eight out of ten diamonds globally being touched by the Indian value chain in some way. He also emphasized India’s progress in defense manufacturing, with nearly ₹1 lakh crore in production and ₹21,000 crore in exports.

India’s Growing Global Influence

Bremmer highlights India’s growing influence. He sees India “defining itself in terms of friendship” with other nations and acting as a “bridge” for global stability. This includes navigating the complex relationship with China. Bremmer concludes by emphasizing the positive perception of India on the world stage – seen as a “constructive part of the global economy.”

India’s trajectory, from underperformance to a potential economic and geopolitical powerhouse, is a story to be watched closely.

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