IndiGo Passenger Finds Screw in Sandwich, Airline Faces Backlash

Bengaluru, India, February 13, 2024- In a startling incident, a passenger aboard an IndiGo flight has claimed to have found a screw in a sandwich served during the journey. The incident, which occurred on a flight from Bengaluru to Chennai on February 1, has sparked outrage and calls for action against the airline.

Taking to Reddit, user u/MacaroonIll3601 recounted his experience, stating that he discovered the foreign object in a Spinach and Corn sandwich provided by IndiGo. While he refrained from consuming the meal during the flight, he was appalled to find the screw upon inspecting the packet post-flight.

Despite reaching out to IndiGo seeking an apology, the passenger alleges that the airline dismissed his complaint on the grounds that he consumed the sandwich after the flight, deeming his claim ineligible.

Expressing his frustration on Reddit, u/MacaroonIll3601 wrote, ”While traveling indigo recently on 01/02/24 from BNG to Chennai I got a screw in my sandwich when I urged for an apology from the airline end they came back with a response that since consumed it post flight it couldn’t be found legible!!!! #indigo how should I approach this so Indigo can at least respond.”

Got a screw in my sandwich
byu/MacaroonIll3601 inbangalore

Accompanying his post were images of the half-eaten sandwich, wrapped with the IndiGo logo, further corroborating his claim.

The incident has elicited a strong response from Reddit users, with many advising the passenger to take legal action against airline. Suggestions included filing a complaint with consumer courts and involving regulatory bodies such as the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

One Reddit user recommended, ”Pls reach out to their CEO and founder and higher management on LinkedIn and share this with them. Start with writing a post on Linkedin about your experience, no apology, and how dangerous can this be for anyone and everyone. Everyone takes LinkedIn seriously. I am sure FB, Instagram won’t help you but Linkedin definitely will. If possible, tag the CEO and airlines.”

The incident highlights concerns regarding food safety protocols and passenger welfare aboard flights, prompting calls for stricter regulations and accountability measures within the aviation industry.

IndiGo is yet to respond publicly to the allegations.

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