Is Mossad Really a Machine to Kill Terrorists?

This beautiful world, which is also called the human planet, is now once again burning in the fire of war where bullets are being fired on humanity. That is why, before saying a single word about Mossad, being an analytical journalist, I would like to state my view that a war-like situation arises only when the ideology of one’s faith is forcefully imposed on someone and one’s national interest and survival is sought in war.

The world is very beautiful and full of beauty of nature such as rivers, lakes and even vast oceans but selfish people are engaged in destroying it. This is nothing more than a lack of impartial diplomacy.

Among the followers of different religions, Judaism had no place on this human planet. After the end of World War II in 1945, a small piece of land was allotted to Jews as their independent state, known as Israel, but other Muslim countries such as Palestine and Lebanon allowed Jews to live there. Didn’t want to give. This is the main reason behind the war between Palestine and Israel.

Main objective behind the establishment of Mossad:

The Mossad was established in the Jewish State of Israel on December 13, 1949, on the initiative of then Prime Minister David Ben Gurion to increase coordination and mutual cooperation with Army Intelligence, the Internal Security Service, and the State Department.

The Israeli government formed Mossad to fight terrorism. Later in 1951, the Mossad was subordinated to the office of the Prime Minister of Israel. Its reporting is also done to the Prime Minister only. Reuven Shiloa was made the first director of Mossad. Shiloa retired in 1952. After this its command came into the hands of Issar Haral. During his 11-year tenure, Haral transformed it into a dangerous and killing machine for terrorists.

In today’s era, Mossad has an army of many types of spies and secret warriors including top class secret agents, hi-tech intelligence team, sharp shooters and killer beauties. Mossad agents carry out their work with such precision that no evidence is left behind any kind of operation.

Mossad on target after Hamas attack: Why is it called the killing machine of terrorists?
Main functions of Mossad

Since its inception, the Mossad has been involved in intelligence gathering based on the needs of the government.

This work is done through various means like human intelligence and signal intelligence etc., which no one else can understand.

Even today Mossad works like this. The Mossad has also developed and maintained intelligence relationships with the intelligence services of other countries.

The Mossad is also involved in establishing covert relations with countries that avoid openly supporting Israel.

In the initial phase, Mossad worked to evacuate Jews from troubled countries and bring them to Israel.

For example, there was Mivatzah Moshe or Operation Moses to bring Ethiopian Jews to Israel.

In general, the Mossad specializes in the war against terrorist incidents targeting Jewish and Israeli people abroad.

Over the years, the Mossad has played a key role in preventing countries from acquiring non-conventional weapons that could pose a threat to Israel.

Mossad’s Operation Thunderbolt –
Major operations of the Mossad:

Iranian nuclear scientist eliminated in 2020! : In November 2020, Brigadier General Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, the top scientist of Iran’s military nuclear program, has been assassinated. Although at that time Mossad had not openly taken responsibility for this, but in June 2021, the head of Mossad had made important revelations regarding this.

1976 Operation Thunderbolt: A French plane hijacked by Arab terrorists was rescued by the Mossad from Uganda along with 94 of its citizens. This operation became very popular.

1972 Wrath of God:

In 1972, Palestinian terrorists retaliated by taking hostage and killing 11 players of the Israeli Olympic team assembled for the Munich Olympics. This operation continued for about 20 years and Mossad selectively took revenge from all the terrorists.

Bringing the Russian MiG-29 to Israel in 1960: At that time, the Soviet Union’s MiG-29 was considered the most advanced fighter aircraft of Russia. When even America’s CIA could not succeed in this, then in 1964 a female agent of Mossad did this work. However, in 1962, a Mossad agent was caught on this very mission and was hanged.

Secret Mission in Argentina in 1960: The Mossad carried out a secret mission in Argentina in 1960, secretly kidnapping Nazi war criminal Adolf Ekman and bringing him to Israel. Later he was tried and punished. This mission was completed by five agents.

Mossad entered Iran for America and killed Al Qaeda’s number two terrorist Al Masri. Then entered Iran and eliminated terrorist Abu Mohammad.

Khalil al-Wazir alias Abu Jihad, the right-hand man of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, was shot 70 times by a Mossad agent in front of his family, who had gone to Tunisia.

*Dr. V.K. Singh, the author, is a well-known senior journalist and analyst.

(Disclaimer: Views expressed in the content are solely of the author and does not necessarily reflect the views of BuzzTimes News)

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  • Govinda

    This is very informative article and, I would like to read more articles like this one.

  • Dr. V.K.Singh

    The Conflict between Israel vs Palestine is going on but, this war is not for any piece of land, it is just a religious fundamentalists war. Israel is only planet for Yahudis which is surrounded with 45 crores of Muslims who live in different countries as Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Syria etc.


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