Is SDM Dadri Alok Kumar Gupta a Bigger Government Dacoit Than Atiq Ahmed? Public Opinion

By Dr. V.K.Singh (Senior Journalist)

Western Uttar Pradesh Tehsil Dadri Gautam Buddha Nagar. A public servant, be it a peon or an IAS officer, represents the state and is called a constitutional office holder. But unfortunately sometimes some such public servants like SDM Dadari Alok Kumar Gupta come to serve the public who on the ground of reality only serve land mafias and nurture dacoits, such officers are called government dacoits.

Many such cases have come to light from tehsil Dadri of Gautam Buddha Nagar that the opinion of the common man has completely changed about the government officials and he becomes so confused that he does not understand who the officials like Alok Kumar Gupta SDM Dadri are. . What should we call him, a public servant or a government robber?

SDM more deadly than Covid virus?

In the opinion of the people, SDM Dadri Alok Kumar Gupta is the virus which is more deadly than Corona virus because, none of us has seen this deadly virus and the same goes to the mafia loving SDM for acting contrary to the procedure established by law. Whereas no one has ever seen it, all their actions are one-sided in favor of the mafia. By the time the act done by the SDM comes to light and the common man comes to know, it is already over.

Great work done by SDM contrary to the procedure established by law

A petition T-2022xxxxx4939 U/S 24 UPRC 2006, Sarvesh Kumar vs. Rajeev Woolen Mills Pvt. Ltd.’s case came to light through the SDM court.

In the above petition the petitioner prayed to the Court that respondent Nos. 1, 2 and 3 are his neighboring farmers and are close to his Khasra No. And his property was taken over by exceeding the limits of his land, with the result that at present his own land became less than what it actually was.

What actually happened was that the great contractor of corruption, SDM Alok Kumar Gupta, without waiting for the report of the Revenue Inspector, gave a unilateral order in favor of the respondent. Actually, the report of the Revenue Inspector came in the SDM court on 11 October 2023, while the SDM gave the order in favor of Rajiv Woolen Private Limited on 9 October 23.

He also gave many unethical and illegal orders.

In fact, he has amazing experience in committing corruption, so why should he be honored with the President’s Award for working against the government and against the procedure established by law?

The question of the people of Dadri is whether anyone here has seen the deadly virus Corona, if not then see, Corona virus looks exactly like SDM Alok Kumar Gupta?

Now, it is completely dependent upon the government whether the government removes such virus like SDM or defends it as SDM is just like Kaamdhenu which can bless the government wishes too?

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