Kashi to Get Easier Connections to Shirdi and Jammu With New Flights

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh (April 2, 2024): Traveling to religious destinations from Kashi is about to get easier with the upcoming launch of flight services to Shirdi and Jammu. Airlines are currently surveying the routes, and an announcement regarding the schedule and fares is expected soon.

This development comes after the successful launch of IndiGo’s direct flight service between Varanasi and Indore, along with the existing service connecting Varanasi to Pantnagar in Uttarakhand by Alliance Air. Both routes have seen good passenger movement, particularly beneficial for pilgrims visiting Kashi.

The new flights to Shirdi and Jammu will significantly reduce travel time and provide a more convenient option for pilgrims compared to traditional modes of transportation.

According to airport officials, the IndiGo service between Varanasi and Indore has been a boon for pilgrims traveling from Ujjain and Indore, with fares ranging between five to six thousand rupees. Similarly, the Alliance Air service to Pantnagar, which boasts an ancient Garjia Devi temple, offers flights three days a week at comparable fares.

Tour operator Abhishek Singh expressed his optimism about the upcoming connections, highlighting the existing network of flights from Kashi to other religious centers like Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Bhubaneswar. He expects the Shirdi and Jammu flights to be operational very soon, as airlines have finalized the initial route surveys.

Singh also noted the ongoing suspension of flights to Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia since the COVID-19 pandemic, despite a rise in tourist movement from these countries. He believes that restarting these services would further boost tourism in Kashi. With the addition of new domestic flights and the potential revival of international connections, Kashi is poised to become even more accessible to pilgrims and tourists alike.

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