Malaika Arora Spills the Beans on Son Arhaan and Ex-Husband Arbaaz Khan’s Shared Trait on Talk Show “Dumb Biryani”

Mumbai, March 27, 2024: Malaika Arora gets candid on her son Arhaan’s new talk show “Dumb Biryani”! In a recent episode, the actress revealed a funny (and maybe not-so-funny) similarity between Arhaan and his father, Arbaaz Khan: their indecisiveness!

Arbaaz, known for starring in the “Dabangg” franchise alongside his brother Salman Khan, responded to Malaika’s comments in a recent Zoom interview.

Malaika Dishes on Arhaan and Arbaaz’s Shared Habit

While promoting “Dumb Biryani,” Malaika playfully teased Arhaan about his mannerisms, saying they mirrored his dad’s. But it wasn’t all lighthearted. She jokingly called their indecisiveness their “least favorite thing,” revealing struggles with choosing everything from shirt colors to mealtimes.

Arbaaz Responds with Grace

Arbaaz took the comments in stride, acknowledging Malaika’s right to her opinion. He even chuckled, calling it “an interesting chat show” moment between a mother and son.

Malaika and Arbaaz: Co-parents with a Fun Twist

Despite their 2017 divorce after 19 years of marriage, Malaika and Arbaaz have maintained a friendly co-parenting relationship with their son Arhaan. This lighthearted exchange showcases their ability to laugh at themselves, even when it comes to their (allegedly) indecisive ways.

Catch “Dumb Biryani” to See More Fun Family Moments

Curious to see more fun family dynamics? Check out “Dumb Biryani” to see Malaika, Arbaaz, and Arhaan share more candid moments, perhaps with some special guest appearances (Salman Khan, anyone?).

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