Manoj Tiwary Opens Up About Rift with Gautam Gambhir and Delhi Capitals Disappointment

New Delhi, India- Former Indian cricketer Manoj Tiwary recently disclosed details about a rift with former Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) captain Gautam Gambhir, which cut short his tenure with the franchise. Tiwary, who played a pivotal role in KKR’s win in the 2012 Indian Premier League (IPL), highlighted how the altercation impacted his career trajectory.

In an exclusive interview with Anandabazar Patrika following his retirement from domestic cricket, Tiwary expressed regret over the incident, stating that had it not occurred, he could have extended his stay with KKR for another 2-3 years, potentially leading to increased financial gains.

“Dating back to my time with KKR, I had a significant altercation with Gambhir in the dressing room, which remained undisclosed. Despite my contributions, including the winning boundary in the 2012 IPL final, the fallout from the dispute affected my prospects with the team,” Tiwary disclosed.

Reflecting on his stint with Delhi Capitals (formerly Delhi Daredevils) between 2008 and 2009, Manoj Tiwary also revealed dissatisfaction with the team’s management, led by coach Gary Kirsten. Frustrated by the lack of opportunities and the team’s inconsistent performance, Tiwary confronted Kirsten, expressing his desire for playing time or a potential release from his contract.

“During my tenure with Delhi Capitals, it was evident that the team’s composition was not optimal, resulting in a lack of opportunities for deserving players. I approached Gary Kirsten, urging for a chance to contribute or a release from my contract if necessary. However, this decision backfired, leading to the premature termination of my association with the franchise,” Manoj Tiwary explained.

Tiwary’s revelations shed light on the challenges faced by players in navigating interpersonal dynamics and career decisions within the competitive landscape of professional cricket. Despite the setbacks, Tiwary remains optimistic about his future endeavors beyond the cricketing arena.

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