Naval Ship Gets Its First Woman Commanding Officer

New Delhi, Dec 1: Admiral R Hari Kumar said on Friday that the Indian Navy has appointed its first woman commanding officer for a naval ship, which aligns with the Navy’s ideology of providing equal opportunities to women in all roles and ranks.

The Admiral also stated that the Indian Navy’s ships, submarines, and aircraft have been operating with high efficiency in the strategic waters over the past year.

He also mentioned that the Indian Navy keeps a close watch on all activities in the Indian Ocean, particularly with regards to China’s increasing involvement in the region.

“Our ships, submarines, and aircraft have sustained a high operational tempo – undertaking missions and tasks encompassing military, diplomatic, constabulary and benign roles,” he said.

“Our units were mission deployed across the Indian Ocean Region and beyond, to protect and promote our national interests,” he said.

The Navy has “remained a ‘Combat-ready, Credible, Cohesive, and Future Proof’ force enabled by what we call our ‘ships first’ outlook where every single action that we take is aimed to enable our women and men in operational units to perform their duties very well.” On the operational front, the Navy’s sheer footprint of deployments has been satisfying as its ships have been persistently present across the Indo Pacific.

Admiral Kumar said the Indian Navy has appointed the first woman commanding officer in a naval ship.

“The overall strength of women Agniveers has now crossed the 1,000 mark. These statistics stands testament to our philosophy of ‘all roles, all ranks’ approach to deployment of women in the service.”

He also said the Indian Navy is fully committed to jointness and cohesiveness.

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