NeevCloud Launches India’s first AI SuperCloud

Bengaluru, Nov 21: NeevCloud, has today announced the launch of India’s first AI SuperCloud. The company aims to make India self-reliant on AI and Supercomputing by deploying AI cloud infrastructure including 40,000 GPUs and storage worth $1.5 billion by 2026.

NeevCloud aims to solve the challenges of affordability, billing, transparency, and personalized support in cloud services. The company is set to democratize access to AI and supercomputing for all enterprises, startups by introducing ‘AI Supercomputing as a Service’ model and providing the world’s lowest prices for Cloud GPUs at $1.69/hour reducing costs by up to 50%. It can enable companies to leverage Generative AI and deploy Large Language Models (LLM) across various use cases capable of solving India’s unique challenges.

Narendra Sen, Founder & CEO, NeevCloud, said, “At NeevCloud, we envision a future where India not only leads but empowers the world with innovative technology. Our mission is to democratize AI cloud computing, making it accessible to all enterprises and startups across India, and fostering the growth of Made in India AI. Our AI SuperCloud stands as a testament to Indian innovation, and we believe our journey has the potential to power not only our nation, but users across the world who need cutting-edge but affordable cloud solutions to power their AI and ML workloads. Our aim is to create next-generation cloud infrastructure in India that will fuel the vision of making India into a $5 trillion economy.”

According to IDC, India’s public cloud services market is expected to reach $17.8 billion by 2027, and NeevCloud aims to secure a 25% market share.

Made in India, Made for the World

NeevCloud isn’t just redefining India’s technological landscape; it’s reshaping the future. With results delivered at 10x speed which is possible with NeevCloud’s AI SuperCloud and a 50% cost reduction, the lowest in the world for Cloud GPUs. Moreover, it sets itself apart with round-the-clock personalized human support, transparent billing practices, and a robust arsenal of enterprise-grade hardware. NeevCloud can also enable confidential machine learning by creating SuperClusters that directly allocate to the BFSI, automotive, and healthcare organizations. (PRNewswire)

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