Outbreak of terrorism in Israel?

Dr. V.K. Singh
(Senior Journalist)

Terrorism is not good for the world in any way. Now the world has been thrown into the fire of war. There has been a conflict between Ukraine and Russia since February 2022, meanwhile on October 7, 2023, Hamas, a Palestinian terrorist organization, attacked Israel by firing countless rockets and bombs.

However, after facing World War (i) which lasted for about 5 years from 1914 to November 1918, it was then called the War of the Worlds. Even, it was said that there would never be such a deadly war in the future in the world and an international organization known as League of Nations was established to save the coming generation. But, after some time in 1936, the Second World War was once again imposed on the world and the result was that more than 10 lakh people died in the war. The First and Second World Wars were imposed by Germany for its survival.

After the Second World War in 1945, once again an international organization called UNO was established and it was said that we, the people of the United Nations, are determined to maintain peace and international security.

The UN Charter talks about the determination to promote international peace and security as well as global harmony and brotherhood and to provide assistance in crisis, but this ideology of the UN Charter is only written and not practical on the ground of reality. And, the consequences are that the world is once again going to see terrible destruction.

Why will the coming generations once again have to face the horrific destruction of World War-III?

In fact, some religious fundamentalists talk about human rights and humanity, but seek their national interest in terrorism and nurture terrorist organizations. Even in the United Nations General Assembly, human rights and interests are raised and nuclear weapons are banned, but other hands conduct research on the same.

Saying and doing are two different things?

Some fundamentalist countries like China, Pakistan and America strongly oppose and condemn terrorism and show themselves as victims of terrorism, but on the ground of reality they invest 80 percent of their GDP in promoting terrorism and, the result could be terrible destruction.

Story to be Continued, further read what countries with whom?

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