Outrageous Asking Price for India-Pakistan T20 World Cup Ticket!

Cricket fans, brace yourselves! A ticket for the highly anticipated India-Pakistan T20 World Cup match has been listed for a staggering $175,400 (Rs 1.46 crore) on the resale website StubHub.

Is it real? Probably not. This astronomical price is likely just a hopeful asking price by the seller. Tickets in adjacent rows of the same section are listed for significantly less, ranging from $693 to $801.

High Demand, High Prices (but not that high)

The India-Pakistan clash is considered the highlight of the tournament, and demand for tickets has skyrocketed. However, most resale listings are priced between a more reasonable $700 and $1,000.

Official vs. Resale Market

The official ICC website still has tickets available, with prices ranging from $1,500 to a cool $10,000 for the most premium seats. These prices are hefty, but far less than the inflated resale market.

Secondary Market Mania

Resale platforms like StubHub and Viagogo act as middlemen, facilitating transactions between sellers and buyers for a fee. While the $175,400 listing is an outlier, many resale tickets still carry significant markups compared to official prices.

Looking for a Deal?

Despite the hype, many resale listings are being sold, with prices ranging from the $500s to the low $700s. Patience and smart searching may help you find a more affordable ticket for this highly anticipated match.

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