Plotted Death Penalty to Ex Indian Navy Officers?

Dr V.K. Singh (Senior Journalist)
Dr V.K. Singh (Senior Journalist)

Death penalty to eight retired Indian Navy officers, who were working as trainers for Qatari forces through Al Dahr Global Technologies Services in Qatar. Qatar has accused him of spying to support Israel, which is baseless and based on fabricated facts created by Qatar. It is not only based on fabricated facts, but it is also a violation of the International Court of Justice and international agreements like Vienna Convention, Geneva Convention etc. Now, the question is not whether the eight Indian Naval officers were given death sentence, rather, the bigger question is why they were not given diplomatic facilities after their arrest?

Let us now shed light on the Vienna Convention, an international treaty that must be followed by everyone to protect human rights. According to the law, if a citizen of a country is caught abroad in another sovereign state and is accused of a case in which he or she threatens the sovereignty of the state in which he or she is caught. First, the embassy of the sovereign state from which it comes will be informed and will be assisted by diplomacy. But, unfortunately, Qatar did not follow the international procedure established by law in the case of eight naval officers.

Death penalty to former Indian Navy officers is nothing but a conspiracy hatched by Muslim states to defame India.

Death Penalty

We have to understand that China and Pakistan may also be behind this inhuman act being done by Qatar. Because in this matter China, Pakistan and Qatar are similar and they do whatever they can, like terror funding, infiltration of terrorists in neighboring countries, disturbing peace on international borders. Qatar has also instigated the terrorist organization Hamas to attack Israel.

In fact, if we look at history, we will find that the civil structure of the world has once again been crushed by Islamic terrorism. Only the followers of Islam or those who believe in Islam say that Allah is the creator of this entire universe. The problem is not that they think so, because it is a matter of their faith. Having faith in or following any religion is not a matter of problem, but the matter of problem is to be equal under the rules strictly imposed on everyone by fundamentalists.

If, we have to establish peace in the world and, to promote global fraternity to make this earth as heaven, then entire world has to come forward and, have to stand firmly against terrorism. Do love neighbours but, never get them apologize who nourish Terrorists.

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