PM Modi Denounces Inheritance Tax Advocacy by Congress, BJP Affirms Non-Implementation

New Delhi, April 29, 2024: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in an exclusive interview with the News18 Network, addressed the contentious issue of inheritance tax, asserting that while the Congress advocates for it, the BJP has no intentions to implement or even consider such a policy.

During the interview with Network18’s Group Editor Rahul Joshi, PM Modi criticized the concept of inheritance tax, referring to it as a form of “plundering inheritance.” He emphasized the BJP’s commitment to development, contrasting it with what he perceives as the Congress’s focus on redistribution of wealth through taxation.

PM Modi’s remarks come in response to recent comments made by Congress leader Sam Pitroda regarding inheritance tax in the US, which ignited a debate on the topic in India. Pitroda’s statements were swiftly disavowed by the Congress party, seeking to distance itself from the controversy.

Inheritance tax, a levy on the assets passed on from a deceased person to their heirs, is not currently implemented in India. PM Modi clarified the BJP’s stance on the matter, highlighting the party’s ideology and manifesto commitments.

The full interview, addressing various issues including the Congress manifesto, economic reforms, and regional politics, is scheduled to air on News18 channels and digital platforms at 9pm on Monday, April 29.

Additional Points from the Interview:

  • Critique of Congress Manifesto: PM Modi criticized the Congress manifesto, likening it to the policies of the Muslim League and highlighting what he perceives as flaws in its proposals.
  • Wealth Redistribution Critique: Responding to Rahul Gandhi’s proposal for wealth redistribution, PM Modi labeled it as an “urban Naxal” thought, emphasizing concerns about intrusive measures like household raids and asset confiscation.
  • Economic Reforms and Development: PM Modi highlighted the government’s achievements in economic and banking reforms, emphasizing financial inclusion through initiatives like Jan Dhan accounts and Direct Benefit Transfer. He cited the empowerment of 25 crore people and the transformation of India into a vibrant economy as significant milestones.
  • Regional Politics in Karnataka: PM Modi slammed the Congress-led government in Karnataka for failing to address key issues like water scarcity in Bengaluru, contrasting it with the BJP’s commitment to resolving regional challenges with teamwork and efficiency.

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