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Poonam Pandey ‘Alive’, says Raising Awareness for ‘Cervical Cancer’

Mumbai, Feb 3, 2024: Poonam Pandey, a model and reality TV star, has clarified that she is not dead from cervical cancer. She made this announcement on Instagram, a day after her manager had falsely claimed her death from the disease.

“I am alive. I did not die from cervical cancer. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for the countless women who have lost their lives to this disease,” she stated.

Pandey expressed her apologies for causing confusion and hurting others. She explained that her intention was to shock people into discussing the issue of cervical cancer, which is not being talked about enough.

She emphasized that her post was an attempt to start a conversation and raise awareness about cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer, unlike some other types of cancer, can be completely prevented. The key lies in the HPV vaccine and early detection tests. “We have the means to ensure that no one loses their life to this disease,” she added.

However, Pandey has faced criticism from social media users who accuse her of faking her death to gain attention for the cause.

Yesterday, Pandey’s team had released a statement claiming that she had died from cervical cancer. This announcement shocked the entertainment industry, with many expressing disbelief and skepticism since they had seen the model at an event in Goa just three days prior.

Poonam Pandey gained fame during the 2011 Cricket World Cup when she promised to strip if team India won. Although she did not fulfill that promise, she did post a photo when her favorite team, the Kolkata Knight Riders, won the IPL the following year. Over the years, she has amassed a large following on social media with her controversial statements and explicit videos.

In 2022, she gained attention for her participation in the reality show “Lock Upp” led by Kangana Ranaut. She has also appeared in several films.

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