Promega India Initiates Free Lung and Breast Cancer Screening Campaign in Delhi NCR

Cancer screening programs to accelerate cancer screening, early diagnosis, and treatment under preventive healthcare for risk prone communities.

New Delhi/Noida, Nov 03: Promega India initiated a free Breast Cancer and Lung Cancer screening drive at Delhi NCR that began on 9th Oct, 2023 in a phased manner. The company, a leader in providing innovative solutions and technical support to the Life Sciences Industry, has started screening camps at Delhi Govt. MCD Community Hall, Mayur Vihar, Delhi and Indo Gulf Hospital, sector-19 Noida to create awareness among the people of vulnerable communities to show the importance of early detection and early treatment.

This is a preventive healthcare program undertaken in association with Sambhav Foundation, a not for profit that empowers the livelihoods of vulnerable communities.

Marking October as the Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM), Promega India took the initiative to run this campaign to increase awareness of the disease so that women can come forward without hesitation and learn more about the disease, relevance of early diagnosis and treatment.

  • Projections indicate a 57.5% rise in cancer cases in India between 2020 and 2040 (source- Global Cancer Observatory)
  • According to healthcare providers, if cancer is detected in the first stage, there is an 85 per cent chances of cure.

Unfortunately, the prevalence of taboos and lack of awareness results in late presentation of the disease.

The awareness and screening drive was organized in collaboration with Sambhav Foundation and Indo Gulf Hospital Sec -19, Noida.

“Certain cancers are preventable and many are curable with effective treatment in early stage. Screening helps to detect early signs of cancer or pre-cancerous conditions before any symptoms appear. Considering the same, especially with under-privileged community we decided to hold the screening camps for breast cancer for female & lung cancer for both male & female”, said Rajnish Bharti, General Manager, Promega Biotech India Pvt. Ltd.

Promega is planning to continue the campaign in future and support the risk prone communities.

About Promega

Promega is a leader in providing innovative solutions and technical support to the life sciences industry. Their tools and technologies have been used for more than 45 years by scientists and researchers in labs for academic and government research, forensics, bio-pharmaceutical, clinical diagnostics, agricultural and environmental testing.

About Sambhav Foundation

Sambhav Foundation, is a not-for-profit organisation that envisions a more equitable future, where everyone has a chance to prosper. It is committed to changing the lives of women, youth, and the intellectually challenged by empowering them with skills and linking them to sustainable livelihoods. Via education, employment and entrepreneurship.

Sambhav’s interventions also cover ensuring health and well-being, extending last mile reach of healthcare, building infrastructure for quality education and community living, providing environmental stewardship, and enabling access to affordable financial services to members of the community.

Working with over 2000 partners, Sambhav conducts programs that have impacted more than 1 Million lives in India, including 13K micro-entrepreneurs incubated, till date. The foundation operates a network of 100+ skilling centers countrywide that offer 85+ vocational training courses. (PRNewswire)

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