RCB Practice Cancelled Before Eliminator Clash Against RR: Security Concerns or Heatwave?

The Royal Challengers Bangalore’s (RCB) preparations for the crucial IPL 2024 Eliminator against the Rajasthan Royals (RR) hit a snag as their scheduled practice session in Ahmedabad on Tuesday was cancelled.

While reports from Anandabazaar Patrika suggest security concerns, particularly regarding Virat Kohli’s safety, might be the reason, a source at the Ahmedabad stadium claims extreme heat (around 45 degrees Celsius) prompted the decision to avoid risk of player injuries.

Conflicting Reports:

  • Security Concerns: The ABP report alleges the Gujarat Police hinted at a potential threat, leading to the arrest of four individuals suspected of terrorist activity. They informed both franchises, but only RCB cancelled their activities, prioritizing Kohli’s security.
  • Heatwave: A source at the stadium contradicts this, stating RCB requested a time change for the practice due to the scorching heat, but logistical limitations (floodlights available only after 6:30 pm) and player well-being concerns led to the cancellation.

Police Take Action:

  • Virat Kohli, upon arrival in Ahmedabad, was informed about the arrests. Police official Vijay Singh Jwala emphasized Kohli’s importance as a “national treasure” and confirmed prioritizing his safety.
  • Security around RCB’s hotel was reportedly tightened, with strict access control. Rajasthan Royals, informed of the situation, practiced as usual with some players opting to skip it.

Increased Security Expected:

  • Heightened security measures are anticipated for the Eliminator match itself on Wednesday.

Unclear Reason for Cancellation:

The exact reason behind RCB’s practice cancellation remains unclear. Was it a cautious response to a potential security threat or a strategic decision to prioritize player health in the face of extreme heat? We’ll likely have to wait for further developments.

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