RPF Recovers Stolen Railway Property Worth Rs 12.48 Crores, Arrests 12,099 Offenders In 2023

In 2023, the RPF personnel successfully rescued 11,794 children under Operation NanheFaristey, saving a total of 3,719 precious lives

RPF Lady Personnel Assist in 206 Childbirths During Journey under Operation Matrishakti

New Delhi, Jan 16, 2024: The Railway Protection Force (RPF) was constituted by the Government of India in 1957 under the Ministry of Railways. Its main purpose is to protect and secure railway property, ensure the smooth movement of railway property, and take actions to enhance the security of railway property.

The RPF is authorized to handle cases of crime against railway property under the Railway Property (Unlawful Possession) Act, 1966. Since 2004, the RPF has also been responsible for the security of railway passenger areas and passengers.

The RPF plays a crucial role in protecting railway passengers, passenger areas, and railway property. It fights against criminals, facilitates passenger travel and security, prevents trafficking of women and children, and takes steps to rehabilitate destitute children found in railway areas.

Notably, the RPF has the highest percentage of women (9%) among all central forces. In 2023, the RPF achieved several significant milestones.

Under Operation “Rail Suraksha,” the RPF took legal action against crimes involving railway property. They registered 6,312 cases of theft of railway property, recovered stolen property worth Rs. 12.48 crore, and arrested 12,099 offenders.

Under Operation “Upalabdh,” the RPF took action against touts who were illegally procuring and selling railway tickets. They arrested 5,544 touts and registered 5,207 cases, including more than 990 authorized agents of IRCTC who were involved in illegal activities.

The RPF also conducted Operation “NanheFaristey” to rescue children in need of care and protection who were lost or separated from their families. They rescued 11,794 children during the year. In the fight against human trafficking, the RPF launched Operation AAHT and rescued 1,048 individuals from traffickers, arresting 257 traffickers. They also signed an MoU with the Association of Voluntary Action for capacity building and information sharing on human trafficking.

Under Mission “JeevanRaksha,” the RPF saved 3,719 lives by rescuing individuals who were at risk of coming under the wheels of a moving train or attempting suicide.

The RPF conducted Operation “NARCOS” to combat the smuggling of narcotics through railways. They recovered narcotics valued at Rs. 40.32 crore.

Through Operation “Amanat,” the RPF helped passengers retrieve their forgotten belongings and returned them to the rightful owners. They retrieved approximately 39,091 pieces of luggage valued at over Rs. 54.43 crore.

The RPF also took action against wildlife smugglers through Operation “WILEP,” detecting 13 cases and arresting 16 individuals involved in the illegal trade of restricted wildlife.

Operation “YatriSuraksha” was launched to enhance passenger security and address their grievances in real-time. The RPF works closely with the Government Railway Police (GRP) to prevent and detect passenger-related offenses.

In terms of emergency response, the RPF is dedicated to ensuring the security and safe travel of passengers. They can be reached through a toll-free number and various social media platforms. During the year, the RPF attended to over 200,000 calls for real-time security assistance.

The RPF plays a vital role in safeguarding railway property, protecting passengers, and combating various crimes and challenges faced by the Indian Railways.

Prevention and Detection of Passenger Crime:

Under this operation, the Railway Protection Force (RPF) focuses on ensuring the security and safety of passengers traveling by train. If the RPF detects any crimes committed against passengers under the Indian Penal Code (IPC), they hand over the cases and arrested individuals to the Government Railway Police (GRP) or local police for further legal action.

Security of Women under Operation MahilaSuraksha:

The security of women passengers has been a major concern for Indian Railways. To address this, the “Operation MahilaSuraksha– MeriSaheli initiative” was launched in October 2020. The objective of this initiative is to provide safety and security to women traveling alone or with minors on long-distance trains throughout their entire journey. Dedicated teams of female RPF personnel have been formed across all railway zones to implement this initiative. Currently, an average of 230 teams are deployed daily, covering more than 419 trains across Indian Railways. To support these MeriSaheli teams, an IT module called MeriSaheli was introduced in 2022 to help identify women passengers who require security and reassurance.

In addition to the MeriSaheli initiative, other preventive measures have been implemented to ensure the security of women passengers. These include train escorting by a mixed crew of male and female RPF staff, CCTV systems at 866 stations and approximately 8057 coaches, lady escorts in ladies’ special suburban trains, and regular drives against unauthorized passengers in ladies’ coaches.

Providing help to pregnant women in child birth under Operation “Matrishakti”:

Under the operation “Matrishakti,” RPF personnel, especially female officers, go above and beyond to assist pregnant women who go into labor during their train journeys. They provide support and help during childbirth. In the past year, RPF officers assisted in 206 such childbirths.

Assistance to sick, injured, specially able persons under Operation “SEWA”:

Under the operation “SEWA,” RPF personnel assist elderly citizens, women, physically disabled individuals, and those who are sick or injured during their train travel. They provide amenities such as wheelchairs, stretchers, medical assistance, ambulances, medicines, and infant food. In the past year, RPF assisted more than 57,079 individuals under this operation.

Efforts to enhance safety of rail operations under Operation ‘Sanraksha’:

Operation “Sanraksha” focuses on enhancing the safety of rail operations and passengers. It involves taking action against criminals who throw stones at moving trains or carry inflammable materials or crackers on trains. In the past year, RPF registered 2,898 cases of stone pelting on moving trains and arrested 1,233 individuals. RPF also conducts awareness drives to educate residents living near railway tracks. As a result, more than 370 individuals carrying inflammable materials or crackers on trains were arrested.

Deployment during assemble elections under Operation ‘Janaadesh’:

During assembly and parliamentary elections, RPF contingents are deployed in states such as Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Chhattisgarh, and Mizoram to ensure free and fair elections and prevent any untoward incidents.

Rescue of adults in need of care and protection under Operation Dignity:

Under the operation “Dignity,” RPF focuses on rescuing adults, including women, who are in need of care and protection and come into contact with the railways. This includes individuals who have run away, been abandoned, are drug addicts, destitute, abducted, left behind, missing, in need of medical assistance, fallen down, or mentally disoriented. In the past year, approximately 3,492 such individuals were rescued.

Providing assistance to state police and other Law Enforcement Agencies in apprehending suspects making good their escape by trains under Operation Rail Prahari:

Under the operation “Rail Prahari,” RPF personnel assist state police and other law enforcement agencies in apprehending suspects who try to escape by train. RPF’s strategic positioning at major stations, nationwide reach through the rail network, unified command and supervision, and quick response to emergencies make them effective in capturing suspects. In the past year, RPF apprehended 493 suspects and handed them over to the relevant agencies for offenses committed outside railway areas.

Railway Protection Force is not only working hard to secure the railways from criminals and forces inimical to the nation, but works hard to fulfil its mission of “सेवाहीसंकल्प” helping those in need to realize its motto of “यशोलभस्व” or “Attain honour”. The Force will continue to use new methodology, technology, tools and practices to enhance its reach and effectiveness for the cause of the security of the nation and its citizens.

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