Russian YouTuber “Koko in India” Harassed by Man in Delhi’s Sarojini Nagar Market, Video Goes Viral

A Russian woman, popularly known for her YouTube channel “Koko in India,” was taking a leisurely walk in Sarojini Nagar, a bustling street market in Delhi. Unfortunately, her peaceful outing was disrupted when a man approached her with the intention of striking up a conversation and becoming friends.

However, the man’s approach towards Koko was far from friendly; it made her feel uncomfortable and harassed. Video captured the details of their conversation.

At first, he pretended to be a fan of her videos in order to start a conversation with the Russian YouTuber and get her attention. He then expressed his desire to become friends with her.

“Can you be my friend?” he asked while Koki was live streaming from the market. As the conversation progressed, he made inappropriate comments and said, “Aap vaise bahut sexy ho. Kya aap (friend) banna pasand karoge? (You are very sexy. Would you like to be my friend)”

The Russian YouTuber lives in the capital of India and travels around the country to create memories and capture moments in her videos. She frequently shares her fitness routine on social media and gives a sneak peek into her travels. What’s interesting is that she confidently speaks Hindi while exploring different places in India and meeting new people.

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