Sangrur Farmer Makes Mark as Exporter, Ships 14 Metric Tonnes of Millets to Australia

Sangrur, Punjab

In a remarkable feat of agricultural entrepreneurship, Shri Dilpreet Singh, a farmer from Sangrur, has transitioned into the realm of exports by shipping 14.3 metric tonnes of ready-to-cook millets and its products to Australia. Facilitated by the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), this milestone marks a significant step towards promoting millet-based value-added products in the international market.

Chairman of APEDA, Shri Abhishek Dev, ceremoniously flagged off the consignment, which includes an assortment of ready-to-cook millets derived from various varieties such as Kodo millet, Foxtail millet, Little millet, Browntop millet, and Barnyard millet. Additionally, the shipment includes flours sourced from Ragi, Jowar, Bajra, Foxtail, Kodo, Barnyard, Browntop, Little, and Proso millets.

Participating in the virtual flag-off ceremony, Shri Jasvir Singh, the importer based in Sydney, expressed profound gratitude to APEDA for their unwavering support in facilitating this collaboration. He expressed optimism about exploring further business opportunities and pledged to continue importing such consignments in the future.

Noteworthy is the complete control that Shri Dilpreet Singh exercises over the value chain, from cultivation in his own farms to primary and secondary processing in his own unit, ensuring international-quality packaging. This success story underscores the potential for farmers to become significant contributors to agricultural exports, symbolizing the empowerment of local farmers in accessing global markets.

The rise in millet exports from USD 62.95 million in 2021-22 to USD 75.45 million in 2022-23, with current exports amounting to USD 45.46 million from April to November 2023, reflects the growing popularity of millets in the global market. There has been a notable increase in the export of cereal preparations, including value-added millet products, indicating a robust growth trajectory in this sector.

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