Skyroot Unveils Vikram-1 Rocket, Plans to Launch Satellites Early Next Year

Hyderabad, Oct 25. Skyroot Aerospace, a space start-up, on Tuesday unveiled its Vikram-1 rocket, which is expected to launch satellites into low earth orbit early next year.

The rocket, made entirely of carbon fiber and equipped with 3D-printed liquid engines, has the capacity to carry around 300 kg payloads.

It will be the company’s second rocket, following the successful launch of the Vikram-S rocket in November last year.

The unveiling of the Vikram-1 rocket coincided with the inauguration of Skyroot’s new headquarters, known as The MAX-Q Campus, which is the largest private rocket development facility in India.

The facility houses design, manufacturing, and testing facilities, as well as space for the company’s workforce of 300 employees.

Science and Technology Minister Jitendra Singh praised Skyroot as an example of India’s talent and scientific expertise, and highlighted the government’s efforts to open up the country’s space sector for public-private partnerships.

Pawan Chandana, co-founder and CEO of Skyroot Aerospace, expressed the company’s commitment to pushing boundaries and achieving extraordinary feats in space exploration.

Bharath Daka, Co-Founder and COO of Skyroot, emphasized the company’s design capabilities and home-grown technology in the creation of the Vikram-1 rocket.

Further updates on the orbital mission with Vikram-1 will be shared as the company prepares for its launch in early 2024.

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