Spotify Announces Rollout of Auto-Generated Podcast Transcripts

Do you enjoy listening to podcasts on the audio streaming platform Spotify? If your answer is yes, there is some excellent news for you. Spotify has introduced the roll out of auto-generated podcast transcripts.

The text transcripts will also be time-synced so listeners can visually follow along as a podcast episode progresses, as per The Verge.

One can access this feature by scrolling down below the podcast player and tapping into a “read along” section. A transcription of a show makes the podcast more accessible to users and allows listeners to skip around and skim an episode without listening through.

Spotify said “millions” of podcast episodes will get the Auto-Generated Podcast Transcripts tool, and in the future, creators could add media to transcripts — a useful feature if a creator is describing an image on the show, for example.

Beyond transcripts, mobile podcast listeners globally will now be able to jump around an episode using chapters as well. Podcasters can add time-stamped chapters to their shows that briefly describe a segment of the show, allowing listeners to preview topics or start listening at specific points.

Auto-Generated Podcast Transcripts

The auto-transcription feature follows the recent addition of an AI-generated voice cloning tool that translates podcasts into different languages.

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