Success Story: Enterprise ‘KARUANGAN’ – Manufacturer and Exporter of Dyeing and Printing

A Young Entrepreneur’s Journey

Birbhum, Jan 16, 2024: A young man from a small village in the Birbhum district of West Bengal was searching for guidance to start his own enterprise. With limited computer knowledge, he discovered MGIRI and immediately reached out to them for entrepreneurial development.

After gaining knowledge from MGIRI through mobile communication, he visited their facility and met with the scientific team of the Khadi and Textile division. He expressed his desire to start his own enterprise in his locality. Despite not having a college degree, he came from a family with 20 years of experience in dyeing. He wanted to expand in the same field and establish his own enterprise.

During his first visit, MGIRI informed him about the basic requirements and the step-by-step process of growing his enterprise. He agreed to follow MGIRI’s guidance and joined a skill development training program on dyeing of Khadi with natural dyes from June 9, 2016, to June 29, 2016.

After completing his training at MGIRI, he began preparations to start his own enterprise in his village, Benepukur Para, Post – Suri, Dist. Birbhum, West Bengal. As he planned to start at a micro level, his family arranged the necessary funds.

In August 2016, he established his own enterprise called KARUANGAN, specializing in Batik, Natural dyeing, Tie & Dye, Shibori Laharia, and more on cotton and silk fabrics.

He has employed five individuals and started his traditional dyeing unit. Currently, they can dye or print 100 meters of fabric per day. The dyed or printed materials are marketed through a local sales outlet. He also participates in exhibitions at the local, district, state, and national levels to promote his products, earning a monthly income of approximately Rs. 50,000.

He maintains constant communication with the Khadi and Textile division of MGIRI, receiving technical guidance on traditional dyeing and printing techniques, designs, and marketing strategies. He has successfully registered his unit for exports.

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