The Power of Mindfulness: Finding Greatness “Within”

By Mrs. Alka Rai

Mindfulness is Everything. Sometimes I forget the importance of my words and allow my ego to make statements. It’s not often, but it happens. It’s not something to make us feel guilty about, or beat ourselves up over. It’s a natural part of the process that can be adjusted gently and with mindful awareness of our thoughts and emotions – time to get back on track and stay aligned.

No matter how difficult the situation or the person, it’s so important for us to find the greatness within the experience and within the individual themselves.

Speak only of the highest good for everyone involved. The more we focus on what we want to see, not only in life but within others, the more we get to see of it. It’s that simple.

We All Stumble, But Kindness is the Key!!


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