Thrillophilia Launches ‘Lakshadweep Website’ to Entice Worldwide Travellers

Jaipur, Jan 11, 2024: Thrillophilia, a travel platform in India, has just launched a brand-new website all about Lakshadweep! It’s called, and it’s all about attracting people from all over the world to this amazing island.

Why is Lakshadweep so special?

Well, in the past few days, the demand for visiting Lakshadweep has grown a whopping 6000%! That’s a lot of people who want to go there! And now, with this new website, Thrillophilia wants to make it easy for travelers to get all the information they need about Lakshadweep. They can learn about the culture, the attractions, and all the awesome things they can do on this tropical paradise.

What’s so great about this website?

First of all, the website will soon be available in over 10 different Indian languages, like Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Telugu, and Kannada. That means people from all over India can easily access the website and plan their trip to Lakshadweep. And not just Indians, but people from all over the world can use the website too, because it will be available in over 10 international languages!

But that’s not all! Thrillophilia is also going to introduce tour packages and exciting activities for people to enjoy in Lakshadweep. They want to make each trip unique and special, whether it’s a romantic getaway, a family vacation, an adventure trip, or a cultural immersion. They’ll even help you book everything directly through the website!

Why is this website so important?

Well, Thrillophilia wants to be the go-to platform for anyone planning a trip to Lakshadweep. They want to make sure that everyone has all the information they need and can easily book their trip. They believe that everyone should have the chance to explore the hidden treasures of the world, and Lakshadweep is definitely one of those treasures!


Abhishek Daga, who is one of the co-founders of Thrillophilia, said that even though the government is working on developing the infrastructure in Lakshadweep and many companies are investing in hotels, the island is still relatively unexplored. That’s why this new website is so important – it will help unlock the potential of Lakshadweep and invite more people to come and explore this amazing place!

About Thrillophilia

Thrillophilia is a really big travel platform that helps people book awesome experiences in over 55 countries! Every year, millions of travelers use Thrillophilia to plan their trips and have the best time of their lives. They offer all kinds of tours and activities, from regular ones to super fancy and unique ones. They’re all about giving their customers the best travel experiences ever!


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