UK Weather Alert: Amber Snow and Ice Warnings Issued by Met Office

February 8, 2024- The Met Office has issued two amber warnings for snow and ice across the UK, with particular emphasis on north Wales, north-west Shropshire, the Peak District, and south Pennines. Forecasters anticipate between 10 and 15cm (4-6in) of snow in these regions, with up to 25cm (10in) on higher ground.

The warnings, in effect from 08:00 to 15:00 and 12:00 to 18:00 respectively, caution of “persistent and at times heavy” snowfall, likely causing travel disruptions and power outages. The public is advised to avoid driving unless absolutely necessary, considering alternative transport options due to hazardous conditions.

In addition to road and rail disruptions, untreated pavements and cycle paths are expected to be impassable, with risks of slips and falls on icy surfaces. Strong easterly winds may exacerbate snow drifts, further complicating travel.

The complex weather system, combining rain moving north-east with colder air, is expected to bring significant snow to higher elevations, potentially closing trans-Pennine roads. Lower-lying areas may experience a mix of snow, sleet, and rain, contributing to varying travel conditions.

The Met Office also issued several yellow warnings, covering southern Scotland, Northern Ireland, northern England, north Wales, the Midlands, southern England, and south Wales, extending into Friday. These warnings advise caution for snow, ice, and rain, highlighting the need for vigilance during the changing weather patterns.

Met Office

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