Vishwarang Announces Its 5th Edition at London: Global Festival of Hindi Literature, Art, Culture

Bhopal/London, Oct 29. Vishwarang, the esteemed international festival of literature, art, and culture, embarked on its 5th edition with a grand announcement in the heart of London.

The theme for this edition was revealed by the eminent litterateur, educationist, and director of Vishwarang, Santosh Choubey, during the Indo-European Hindi Festival at London, United Kingdom.

Over 100 organisations worldwide are set to partake in this landmark event, alongside a distinguished assembly of over 500 Hindi Intellectuals, Educationists, Litterateurs, Artists, and Diaspora Litterateurs, with a reach of over 2 Crore audience online.

Santosh Choubey, in his unwavering commitment to the global propagation of Hindi, has established an International Centre of Excellence at Rabindranath Tagore University.

This centre encompasses crucial facets such as the Overseas Indian Literature and Culture Research Centre, Language Teaching Centre, Translation Centre, and Sanskrit Oriental Language Teaching and Indian Knowledge Tradition Centre.

These initiatives will be guided by an international committee for propagation of Hindi language.

More than 100 books of international authors and diaspora will be translated and published in Hindi for the cultural exchange of ideas and thoughts.

The fifth edition of Vishwarang will feature sessions exploring a diverse range of topics including employment prospects in Hindi, innovative approaches to teaching the language, the essence of Hindi literature, professional education in Hindi and the translation of historical narratives in foreign languages.

Additionally, discussions will revolve around the integration of technology in the promotion of the Hindi language.

The fifth edition of Vishwarang promises to uplift the global status of the Hindi language and its teaching methodologies and create an international curriculum & certification for learning Hindi language as a skill.

A monumental campaign will be launched to extend the reach of Hindi to more than one crore individuals worldwide, reaffirming its status as a truly global language.

“In the fifth edition of Vishwarang, we are particularly excited to welcome our overseas patrons of Hindi language, offering them a closer look at the festival and the opportunity to be an integral part of this celebration,” emphasized Santosh Choubey, Director of Vishwarang and an influential figure in the realm of literature and education. 

He added, “Language is the vessel of culture and history, and it serves as a bridge connecting hearts across borders. With Hindi language patrons scattered worldwide, our mission is to reach out and foster a shared love for the language, culture, and art that transcend geographical boundaries.”

In the past 4 years alone, Vishwarang has evolved into the largest gathering of more than a thousand litterateurs, artists, intellectuals, educationists, and cultural enthusiasts from around the world, converging annually to celebrate the richness of Indian culture and heritage.

The previous edition saw a comprehensive report detailing the global status of Hindi across 50 countries showed light on the widespread influence and significance of the language.

The success of past editions has paved the way for the grand announcement of Vishwarang’s fifth edition in the vibrant city of London. 

Vishwarang garnered an overwhelming response with the participation of over 5 lakh registered members across 50+ countries and an astounding 2 crore online audience.

The festival also forged partnerships with internationally acclaimed artists, further cementing its status as a beacon of cultural exchange on a global scale. (PRNewswire)

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