Why Should Corruption Not Be Legalized in India?

By Dr VK Singh

Member of the International Press Council

Not only in any state of the Indian region but throughout India, corruption and bureaucracy is spreading like the deadly virus Corona, where the life of the common man is being badly affected. I have seen this very closely, just understand that the life of a common man has become the life of a cow for slaughter which can be slaughtered at any time without any criminal charges.

Our Indian media, blessed with immortality, falls at the feet of those in power and raises its voice only for those who are looters and have become MLAs or MPs by using unethically earned money.

In fact, the judicial system, be it the police or the district administration, like SDMs, Tehsildars and even the lowest level Patwaris, are all working to extort money from innocent farmers.

The result is that only those who are able to buy off government officials or those who have the power of goons get justice.

From the road to the Parliament and from the village to the District Magistrate’s office, they work like government shops and even the village Panchayat or the police station are all doing the business of fear.

If I am not wrong, why should the government not legalize corruption and issue licenses to hooliganism?

However, what I am saying is not being digested by the government, because the events that happen in the life of a common man are beyond the imagination of politicians.

Therefore, my appeal to our government and our judiciary is to legalize corruption so that only those who have enough resources to live can live on this human planet and those who are poor are eliminated from this beautiful human planet?

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