Women Queue at UP Congress Office for Promised ‘Guarantee Cards’ of Rs 1 Lakh

In a surge of demand following the electoral success of the INDIA bloc in Uttar Pradesh, women gathered outside a Congress office in Lucknow, clamoring for the ‘guarantee cards’ pledged by the party during election campaigning. The Congress’s ‘Ghar Ghar Guarantee’ program, which assured Rs 1 lakh annually to the female head of impoverished families, sparked fervent anticipation among citizens.

Visuals captured the scenes of Muslim women lining up under the scorching sun, seeking assurances of financial support. While some awaited their ‘guarantee cards’, others who had already received them submitted forms to facilitate the promised monetary aid. Reports indicated that certain individuals had received receipts from the Congress office after completing the requisite paperwork for fund disbursement.

The ‘Ghar Ghar Guarantee’ initiative, encompassing 25 assurances, including the Mahalakshmi scheme, aimed to reach nearly 80 million households. Under the Mahalakshmi scheme, the Congress vowed to directly credit Rs 8,500 per month into the accounts of women heading families classified as Below Poverty Line (BPL).

This scheme mirrors the Gruha Lakshmi guarantee initiative of the Congress-led Karnataka government, which provides Rs 2,000 monthly to women heading impoverished families. Recent developments saw a surge in women rushing to open accounts at the General Post Office in Bengaluru, anticipating the fulfillment of promises if the INDIA bloc assumed power at the Centre.

Despite the INDIA bloc’s significant electoral gains, securing 234 seats in Uttar Pradesh, the BJP-led NDA appears poised to form the next government with 292 seats, narrowly surpassing the majority threshold of 272. As the political landscape unfolds, the clamor for realization of electoral assurances underscores the evolving dynamics of Indian governance.

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