Zomato Launches “Pure Veg Mode” and “Pure Veg Fleet” for Vegetarian Customers, CEO Makes Surprise Delivery

New Delhi, March 19, 2024: In a move catering to a large segment of their Indian customer base, food delivery platform Zomato has launched a new feature called “Pure Veg Mode.” This mode allows users who strictly adhere to a vegetarian diet to browse and order from restaurants that exclusively serve vegetarian food.

To ensure complete peace of mind, Zomato has also introduced a dedicated “Pure Veg Fleet.” Deliveries from Pure Veg restaurants will be handled by this separate fleet, identifiable by green uniforms and delivery boxes, distinct from Zomato’s standard red.

Deepinder Goyal, Zomato’s founder and CEO, announced the launch on social media, highlighting the importance of catering to the needs of vegetarian customers. He even went a step further, sharing a photo of himself delivering orders with the new Pure Veg Fleet.

The move has received mixed reactions. While many appreciate the added convenience for vegetarians, some have questioned whether it promotes dietary discrimination. Goyal addressed these concerns, emphasizing that the service is purely based on preferences and doesn’t target any religious or political beliefs.

Zomato also hinted at plans for more specialized fleets in the future, mentioning a dedicated cake delivery fleet with special equipment to prevent damage during transport.

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